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We live in a world of constant change and companies must also change to adapt to new times. If a company fails to adapt to the changes demanded by today’s modern life can lead it to bankruptcy, as happened to him in his days the company Kodak and others.

What are the signs that a company has not kept pace with the times and has become obsolete?

If your company is doing any of these six things, it is time to rethink a change to adapt to the times. It is not just about productivity, it is to keep the pulse of how people do business today and what is important to them.

Business1. Still the fax machine is used

The fact that today, a company will say “Send it to me by Fax” is a clear sign that the company has remained in the average age of business.

Currently, fax machines have been replaced by email. Even when it requires that a document be signed, the employer today expected to sign documents are scanned and sent by email. Do not expect that customers or suppliers have fax machine.

2. Only no telephone communication

If a company sells any product, it is good to have the option to call the customer service number, but that should not be the only way for customers to contact the company.

We must offer another way to communicate to place orders, complaints, returns and a series of steps. We live in the era of Internet and any of the things mentioned above can be managed via the Internet and not just visiting or telephoning company. If this adjustment is not made to the times soon you lose any customer base below 40 years.

Increasingly, companies resolve doubts through their Facebook and even Twitter. Likewise they will criticize your company in Internet before a bad service, you have to be very quick in resolving complaints and criticism on social networks.

3. All still in print

With very rare exceptions, a hard copy is needed. You can archiving of electronic documents, sign PDF documents online, and stop killing our trees. The risk here is not just for the planet, is the ability to recruit and retain quality employees. And if you do not care about the trees, make spending numbers role in your company.

Now and for at least the past 10 years, much of graduates are looking for companies with good environmental practices. No need to have 15 hard copies of the last meeting.

4. Still use traditional mail to do business

The post could be even more obsolete than a fax machine and not going with the approach of protecting the planet. Today you can reach many more people through the Internet and social networks. Thus in addition to reaching many more people also saves paper.

5. Employees do not have a flexible work schedule

Gone are the days when you work 15 hours a day was a solid measure to succeed. Allowing employees to have flexible hours, they are likely to be more productive if only the traditional method is still “first to get to work, last to go home.”

Sometimes it takes longer on a task because someone refuses to consider easier options. The person who stays up late every day may need a little help with new approaches to work smarter instead of applause to leave the last of the company.

When it comes to business it is important to stop clinging to the past and adapt to the times, the longer you hold on to the past the company has fewer opportunities to prosper.

6. Use an authoritarian leadership

If the boss gives orders and direct instructions on what to do and obey employees unable to provide any suggestion, this is a authoritarian leadership style. This type of leadership is not good today, since it does not encourage creativity of workers, can make them feel unmotivated, there is little communication and employees do not feel valued among many other things.

Hardly a company will be able to adapt to changes required in today’s market if you have employees with little creativity and unmotivated.

Hi, I am Russell Chowdhury; I am an entrepreneur, father, mentor and adventurer passionate about life. At this moment, I am working with depression and anxiety; here is my blogs how to recover from anxiety and how to fight with anxiety. I hope everyone will like my blogs.