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With online sales expanding and providing growth for the retail industry, warehouse storage is at a premium. Warehouses need to utilise what they have and use the space available to maximum effect.

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Every inch of space has to be cost effective so how can you achieve the best use of space?

Vertical storage

Take advantage of vertical storage. By storing up you can make use of every cubic foot and free up floor space. There are a number of products which can utilise the vertical cube, both using forklifts and without forklifts. Vertical carousels are like Ferris wheels, where goods are picked off rotating shelves. Vertical lift modules store a selection of goods on a tray that is delivered to an access window for picking. Captive lifting devices and pallet racking systems use removable and adjustable pallets to store heavy, bulky items vertically – http://www.pymnts.com/news/retail/2016/amazon-and-its-flying-warehouses/.

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Inventory management

Select an inventory management system that gives you the greatest flexibility to meet both current and future demand. As your warehouse expands, so does the adaptive storage system. Fitting modular cabinets allows for reconfiguration whenever needed. Drawers can be rearranged and customised as your inventory needs change. Because the cabinets are mobile, they can be moved around, even when fully loaded, without causing disruption.


Mezzanine flooring – construct a second floor above existing aisles as this will provide extra shelving and working space. A warehouse mezzanine floor can give a terrific amount of extra space. Depending upon the height of the building, you could have several levels.


Pallet racking is the most common method of logistical stock storage and can be configured in a variety of ways. For cold storage you would use drive-in racking, for bulky goods with a best before date, you would use a pallet flow system. Used pallet racking can be utilised if the cost of buying new is an issue.


Mobile shelving systems provide excellent accessibility as these are shelving units mounted on tracks. If you’re storing valuable or sensitive items, mobile shelving can be closed or locked and access restricted where necessary. You can have quick access and retrieval of goods. Mobile shelving gives effective storage maximising the use of floor space. Every system is designed specifically to accommodate your needs and there are various options which make for a versatile solution. For a choice of work or home Garage Shelving and other accessories you may need you could visit garage-shelving.co.uk.

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