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Jobs are plentiful in trading posts, some more seasonal than others, the truth is that a good salesperson will be valued by the company as it not only brings good business but it is the face of the company to the customer.

BusinessWith or without crisis, recession or inflation, merchandise sales continue to generate jobs because people need to stock up on goods; therefore, the commercial work is always in effect and may help you get by when you achieve not hire you in your profession.

However, it is a job that abound and which does not require specific qualifications does not mean that you do not need to have or develop skills to stand out; therefore, here we will give you the keys of the best techniques to be a good salesperson:

Know the product

In order to sell a product you need to know, having to pat their characteristics, shape, benefits, price; in short, we have studied this pre analysis of any client asked you to find out if what you want to buy used or can offer something better.

It is important to not only know how to handle or use the product but to highlight their strengths against the competition, the prices of these and their place in the market to take advantage of this information and make the sale.

The lowest batten technique

When a seller receives a question about a product, you may be tempted to magnify just to improve their chances of selling it, the fact is that, when it comes to seeing the product, the buyer can have imagined something else and feel the product is not “as much as had been told.”

So, if the seller sets the bar too high before showing the product, it gives a distorted image of it that can fall into disillusionment.

The technique of “low bar” implies not create great expectations the buyer to show the product and, as you discover the product, talk about the benefits of it and promote their pleasant surprises to decide purchase.

Knowing remedy defects not hide

Vendors who know the products they sell know its flaws but often the silent causing some misleading sales not end up being good business because the customer can return the next day to make a return or decide never to buy more in business risk of being cheated again.

In some markets, hide flaws can lead to allegations of hidden defects or latent defects affecting the business or licenses that have it.

The trick is to mention dis-values ​​Product defects or face competition, but leveraging their strengths to show that it is still advantageous to conduct that business.

Kindness, courtesy, professionalism

No sale is a sale without good treatment, kindness and courtesy of a good seller, though a seller to offer the best product at the best price, if you do not treat your customers, they will not want to return.

A professional seller is therefore hesitant possible scenarios is prepared to take a customer with a product, in order to respond quickly and effectively.

The technique Chameleon

A good salesperson suits your buyers creating empathy with them and adapt their language to education and training of its clients to communicate effectively and achieve its goal: to sell the product. This is the technical capacity Chameleon adaptation or the environment.

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