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Most students take the time to consider their interests and their strengths before deciding on a degree program.  When you first enter college to earn your undergrad degree, however, you may have little idea of what it is you want to do with the rest of your life.  There’s a reason why “undecided” is the most popular major.  Eventually, you will pick a major that appeals to you and hopefully leads to a challenging and fulfilling career.  Or you may decide that you want to follow your bachelor’s degree with a graduate program.  Regardless of the undergrad degree you hold, there are several good reasons why you should consider going into an MBA program.  Here are a few to consider.

  1. Increase Knowledge and Skill

Whether you already hold a business degree or your undergrad studies were focused on another subject, the knowledge and skill gained through an MBA program can be invaluable to any professional undertaking.  If you’re not interested in advancing beyond a certain point in your career, then perhaps spending additional time and money on a master’s program is not for you.  But for students looking to prepare themselves as much as possible for the working world, an MBA can help you to understand not only the many moving parts of a business operation, but also give you the skill and insight to work in management or administration.

5 Reasons You Should Pursue an MBA

  1. Expand Your Professional Network

An often-quoted adage is that it’s not what you know, but who you know.  What this means is that your connections may be more influential when it comes to beating out competitors for jobs than your education and experience.  If you’re contending for a position and you’re up against candidates that have similar knowledge, skills, and experience, what will be the deciding factor in who is ultimately hired?  If you know people with sway at the company in question, then the job could be yours.  Your professional network can open doors and deliver opportunities down the road, so it pays to spend your time in college wisely assembling a vast and diverse network of connections.  An MBA program will attract smart and motivated individuals like yourself – people you’ll want in your network.

  1. Improve Job Prospects

Businesses are always seeking the most qualified individuals for a given job.  When you apply with an MBA listed on your resume, you’re already ahead of candidates that only have bachelor’s degrees, even if they do have more job experience, in some cases.  Not only that, but an MBA might allow you to skip entry-level jobs and start with higher positions and higher salaries.  You could advance more rapidly, as well.

  1. Pursue Your Dreams of Entrepreneurship

When you attend Wake Forest University, you might not know how you’re going to become an entrepreneur.  After all, it’s not like you’re Steve Jobs or Richard Branson.  However, an MBA offers the best possible preparation for starting and managing your own business enterprise.

  1. Gain Prestige

Not every student has what it takes to complete an MBA program.  Many will never even try.  When you do graduate with an MBA you’ll gain a certain level of prestige that will impress prospective employers, attract a network of colleagues, and help you to succeed in your chosen career.

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