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We’ve all heard the stories about millionaire/billionaire entrepreneurs that worked their way up from nothing and never had the opportunity to go to college.  Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Dave Thomas, and Michael Dell are among the more notable names on this list.  However, it is important to understand that these people are all exceptional, and their success is not the norm.  Even if you attend college and do well, there’s a chance you’ll never achieve the professional triumph these self-made individuals enjoy.  If you don’t obtain a higher education, your chances to succeed fall even further.  That said, instruction in the right areas can only help you to become the successful entrepreneur you aspire to become.  Here are a few great degrees that can get you where you want to go, professionally speaking.

  1. MBA

It’s everything you ever wanted to know about business but didn’t know you should ask.  During your time in an MBA program, you’ll learn about finance, economics, business law, marketing, and of course, management, among other things.  In other words, this is an extremely versatile degree for anyone interested in entering the business world, starting a business, and ultimately achieving professional success.

5 Great Degrees for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  1. Entrepreneurship

Believe it or not, there are actually degree programs specifically aimed at students that want to become entrepreneurs.  Our country has a strong foundation built on the backs of entrepreneurs, industrialists, inventors, and innovators.  You can be part of that proud tradition by earning a BS or BA in entrepreneurship, or going on to complete an MS or MA in entrepreneurship.  In many cases, the coursework will be similar to standard business classes, but you’ll also focus on areas like product development and capital management to a greater degree.

  1. Computer Science

It seems like the greatest innovations these days take place in the virtual world.  At the very least, you have to concede that nearly every industry wants and needs computer technology to operate and advance.  As a computer science major you’ll have the background to either incorporate new technologies into your business or to innovate in the field of computer science.  Either way, you win.

  1. Engineering

Degrees for engineers are topping all of the lists for job potential of late, which means there are a lot of programs to choose from.  Becoming an entrepreneur requires more than just the ability to manage a business operation – it requires you to start from the ground up.  As an engineering major you could gain the technical knowledge necessary to take your inventions from concept to reality, creating functional products that consumers want and need.

  1. Marketing

This might not be the first choice for aspiring entrepreneurs, but if you’re keen to start a business, create a product, or advance a service on your own, you’re going to need backing (i.e. investment capital) and you’re going to need customers.  This means selling yourself, first and foremost.  Understanding marketing with a degree from UIC Online can truly help you to further your goals and get your professionals ventures off the ground.  It doesn’t matter how innovative and revolutionary your product or service is if no one knows it exists and you can’t sell it.

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