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Whether you’re interested in business or not, anyone who wants to earn a living has to participate, in one way or another, in the business world.  That said, some are more interested in business than others.  If you have a head for numbers, you might want a job dealing with the financial aspects of running a business.  Or if you lean toward language, positions that require communication and writing skills (marketing, sales, PR, etc.) could be more in your wheelhouse.  You may also be a visionary imbued with leadership skills, in which case executive positions or even entrepreneurship could be in the cards.  Before you jump into a job, however, you should know that your career in the business world will benefit immensely from obtaining a college degree.  Here are a few that could help to ensure success in whichever field of business you prefer.

  1. Communications

There’s a lot more to communications than knowing how to talk to people.  For one thing, communications experts are adept at reading people and situations and understanding how to behave in order to accomplish set goals.  This is invaluable in business since there are always company objectives that need to be achieved.  Communications is also involved with technology.

5 College Degrees That Help You Achieve Success in Business

In addition to in-person communications, business also relies on email, text, calling, teleconferencing, and video conferencing, and that’s just in-house.  In terms of connecting with customers, a strong understanding of internet marketing and social media is essential.  This isn’t to say that every communications student will focus on all of these areas, but the field is a lot more diverse and in-depth than you might imagine.

  1. Finance/Accounting

Not everyone is suited to winning friends and influencing people in the scope of their professional lives.  If numbers speak to you more than words, a degree in finance or accounting might be more your speed.  Even if you don’t ultimately go this route, consider taking a few financial courses with another degree program.  Every successful businessperson can benefit from understanding finance basics.

  1. Marketing

Businesses can’t function without customers, and getting them in the door, so to speak, is a specialized form of warfare.  The weapons are marketing campaigns.  Those who major in marketing, advertising, and promotion live in their own world, speak their own language, and in some ways operate in an independent capacity since they are not involved in production.  However, these professionals are no less important than any other aspect of business and without them businesses cannot hope to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

  1. Industry specific degrees

You don’t always have to get a business-related degree to succeed in business.  Often a degree that is specific to the industry you plan to enter can be helpful, whether you want to work in the trenches as a designer or engineer or you aspire to reach the upper echelons of management, administration, or executive office.

  1. MBA

If you love business and you plan to run your own someday (or run someone else’s for that matter), your best chance for success may be to continue your tenure at the University of Cincinnati after you earn a bachelor’s degree in order to earn an MBA (masters of business administration).  It can open doors for you that lesser degrees simply can’t.

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