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It is this modern and noisy jungle of marketing, dynamic content is emerging as a perfect chameleon. Like this cute little animal changes its texture and color at will to get rid of enemy attacks, you can change the content according to the preferences of our subscribers seems the perfect play to not be sentenced to the trash. Dynamic content can be hidden trick to win the game of email marketing.

EmailOne of the great changes taking place in the world of email marketing you are leading companies that develop solutions to convert emails into dynamic media content. When 56% of people enrollment from mailing lists because its content will no longer relevant, customize it to remain so it is the only way to keep subscribers who already have. Also, if you do it with subtlety you get the recipient just think that always guess right on throw.

Dynamic content takes personalization to a new level, allowing manufacturers to address each subscriber with a contended, all from a single email. The level of customization extends from to insert the name of each subscriber subject lines, customize images or completely change the body, as has been the purchase history or interests.

For sure no doubt at this point that the more personalized the content, the more effective the message.

Because feel unique loyalty

Copy the best. Do as Nike, riding their post to make text and images change depending on whether it is a man or woman who receives it. Everything about the same mail, without having to configure, design and program emails separated for men and women.

Why not extrapolate this approach to all sectors capturing certain data during the registration process ? Thus, the pet store could submit photos of kittens and cat lovers puppies dog owners. A host of the event could send different content to previous attendees and new subscribers. And the music school favorite pictures of each student when reminded that it is time to renew the subscription instrument.

What would be the cost of doing it one by one so that everyone feels that they know and understand their interests? Because the relationship that we built when we showed so priceless.

Because you can choose the model that fits you

Personalization in email marketing can be done at many levels going from the simple (putting the recipient’s name in the subject) to more complex as where and when the recipient opens the mail aspects.

The model of dynamic content is broad and adaptable to any type of information you have: age, sex, location, preferences, purchase history … can work only in terms of the data, any combination of the parts of the email (subject, recipient, sender or body) with customer data (name, date of renewal of its services, or commercial name that usually treats …)

Or go further, extending the customization elements such as images, text, products and offers that appear in the body of email based on the group to which the user belongs.

Even we have solutions available that allow the content displayed in the email to open it is not fixed, but dynamically “assemble” according to different criteria that come from previous testings, so that images are displayed, calls to action and offers that the test has proved to be optimal.

Most CRM service providers and email providers and Marketing Automation (MA) provides tools to incorporate dynamic content. In general, they are simple and easy to use tools, but really well that to reach the higher levels they will require programming skills.

Because it is very, very profitable

The most obvious customization incorporating the recipient’s name in the subject line is simple and gives good results. Change the subject from the “I have something that will interest” to “Martin, I’ll tell you something you’re interested in” improvement between 20% and 30% the parameters relating to opening the mail.

According to being able to go deeper into customization, dynamic content can improve the open rate of your emails up to 70%. And also custom post also raise transaction fees up to 6 times compared to those who are not. If we also take into account the amount of time saved in the preparation, the ROI is guaranteed.

When the content is more dynamic that we incorporate, the more we approach the ideal model of communication one-to-one. The main advantage of the power of personalization is important. You feel you are directed to you, and only you, exponentially encourages participation and answer your calls. And that can only lead to more sales.

Hi, I am Russell Chowdhury; I am an entrepreneur, father, mentor and adventurer passionate about life. At this moment, I am working with depression and anxiety; here is my blogs how to recover from anxiety and how to fight with anxiety. I hope everyone will like my blogs.