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The 13 best tips that investors can give to entrepreneurs. There are many tips that are given to entrepreneurs but no one beats those provided by some investors. Here is a small collection of the best advice that an investor could give to an entrepreneur.

1) Do not drown in opportunities entrepreneurs

When you are starting your career as an entrepreneur you are immediately thrown into the lions’ den. No one wants to waste time with you. But when you start to propose something that nobody has. People will start looking for you and opportunities will come out of nowhere. At this point, you will have to be careful and think about every single facet before making agreements.

2) You must believe in yourself, your skills and your judgment

How many times have you happened to think something and do the opposite completely? And how many times did you say to yourself ” Heck, did I know I would have to act the other way?” Regardless of whether it is a minor or vital decision. Always follow your instincts because most of the sometimes he will be right. Continue Reading-6 tips before starting a business

3) It does not matter how many times you will be wrong, you only need to make a right one

It is not that this advice needs a particular interpretation: it is all very clear and simple. Have you ever wondered why the stupidest startup ideas have made millions of euros? Simply because the investor has bet on it, at his own risk: if, for example, bets on 50 companies, 49 of them fail but one is successful hit center.

4) Be clear about your goalsentrepreneurs

Do not invest to make friends, but do it to make money. If you want a friend buy a dog.Some entrepreneurs lose themselves in some objectives that distract them from those that should be their absolute priorities in the business: making money, or better, making profits. You can have as much fun as you want with the money of others, but if you do not start earning something and embark on the path to profitability, you will lose everything you have invested in.

5) Did you not answer my question: how can I make profits?

When you talk to an investor, do not make unnecessary words, but go to the point and tell him why you need his money and how you can increase it.

6) Do not propose bad ideas for fear of displeasing someone

Sometimes the truth hurts and even if hundreds of people among friends, family, and colleagues tell you that yours is a bad idea, without a specific reason, do not listen to them: think before you make the wrong decision.

7) Talking in a nice way is not necessary: entrepreneurs must be clear and direct

Many people add superfluous when not required: leave this sputtering politician and get directly to the point so as to make it clear, in a clear and direct, where you want to get. Albert Einstein once said:

8) They were the best bikes I had ever seenentrepreneurs

You have to offer something unique because in a market saturated with – almost – everything will have to be able to stand out from the crowd and make a difference.

9) Do not do huge business, use the money to reinvest it in your business and to grow your business

It will often happen that you will have to disconnect checks and it will not be easy, so try to make sacrifices right from the start and then live off your income in the future.

10) You have quoted your company to a million euros: how did you get to this figure?

It seems like a simple question but many entrepreneurs think they have the key to everything when in reality it is not so. You must learn to know your numbers and become like those entrepreneurs who are able to work hard and make their ideas become reality; So, before talking to an investor you will need to have all the data in hand and be as prepared as possible in giving explanations about the numbers you provide.

11) Mentors have always been the most important aspect that a business can have

Some entrepreneurs fight until the end to do everything by themselves at 99%; the truth is that most of the time, if not always, you will need someone who has already taken the steps you are doing now and in which you can believe, someone who will help you without expecting anything in return.

12) The only thing more expensive than education is ignoranceentrepreneurs

This sentence can be interpreted in different ways. As for me, it has nothing to do with the current cost of education. But with the fact that you must always keep up with the times. And learn every day because if you become selfish. And ignorant you will have much to lose (business, money, and dreams ).

13) A piggy bank with two cents makes only noise and nothing else

Those who are not skilled enough in their field will be someone who will always speak – and often out of turn – differently from those who know their stuff and will say only the necessary: never talk too much unless it is required.

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