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We all want to succeed in life in some way or another. So here I share the 11 most important tips you must follow if you want to achieve your personal triumph. We share the best keys to success when you feel a failure.

But first, I recommend that you watch the following video with which you will reflect and you will realize what success really means:

11 keys to success in life

1.Think bigkeys to success

One of your biggest fears is that the goal you set is too big for what you think you can achieve; however, I am sure that you have never thought otherwise. That the goal is very small or short and you reach it easily.

For me, a goal is not great if you do not have certain problems to reach it and it is that the difficulties and obstacles of the path are those that also give you lessons and prepare you for success.

So the first key to success is that you think big all the time.

Put goals beyond what you think possible and I assure you that you can get them.

Also, when you succeed, it will be much more rewarding and in itself, the goal or dream will mean more in your life both in the present and in the future. It is the main keys to success in life.

2. Do not make excuseskeys to success

Excuses begin with small things, such as washing the dishes the next morning or changing the water in the dining room flowers.

All part of those trivial things until you reach a point where you start to leave jobs for another time and other things like those that will help you achieve your goals and dreams.

When you start to stop leaving everything for later or think you can not for an excuse that you put yourself, is when you start to leave your comfort zone and get wonderful things.

Do you want to be successful? Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today and believe more in yourself.

Put aside the excuses and look for more reasons or reasons why you should do it at that precise moment and why you should not leave it for another opportunity.

The opportunities are very valuable and they do not repeat themselves, only some similar ones appear.

3. Stop doing several things at once

Already in itself, focus on a single goal is difficult, imagine when you start to take more than one out.

It is common that when you are looking to succeed, you want to try it in all possible ways, so you usually try your luck and opportunities in more than one task or in this case, goal.

When you hit so many things at once, the truth is that you will not get one or the other.

First, choose one thing and give all of you up to overcome it and reach it, put all your effort into the most important thing instead of distributing yourself in more than 5 things.

This includes anything you want, whether it has to do with business, family, studies or what you may be aiming for.

To be successful, it is important that you focus on one thing and stop doing several at a time. It is needed for keys to success.

4. Do not try to please everyonekeys to success

There are people who are incredible, that even if you try to look for the worst of them, you may never get anything  (although we are still not perfect).

There will always be people who do not like you no matter what you do.

The people in that aspect are like a product in the market, that even if it has all the advantages of the world and no disadvantage or consequence, there will always be someone who finds a defector who, on the contrary, will feel envy for all the good that you have.

Do not focus on pleasing everyone or anyone, just focus on being yourself and someone totally natural.

Having more people who hate or envy you does not mean that you are doing something wrong, on the contrary, you are on the right track and they are all jealous of it. Continue reading- The 10 best tips for entrepreneurs

5. Make your happiness a prioritykeys to success

You worry so much about achieving success in something that sometimes you do not stop to think if that something you pursue is what will really bring you happiness.

Contrary to what you believe, being successful is not simply feeling fulfilled, but you feel happy doing or getting what you want so much. Try to be happy and it is the keys to success.

You have to make happy not only a priority but the main one of them and realize the things in which you are spending your energy because you think that is the success, but it is not mixed with what makes you happy.

You may be thinking that “if I pursue something or I try so hard, it’s because it makes me or I would be happy” and that’s what you’re wrong about.

There are people who take more than half their lives to discover that where they succeeded and triumphed does not really represent their happiness.

Therefore, instead of looking only for success, try to make sure that happiness is included in the journey.

6. Be disciplinedkeys to success

The best way to stay focused is to be disciplined.

Although many relate the discipline as something hard and that is a way of demanding too much, everything has a “healthy” point where it does not hurt anyone to have it. Disciplined is the best keys to success in life.

With so many distractions in life, it is common to get distracted by a simple fly flying near you.

It happens faster even when it is difficult to focus and do not feel bad, there are people more distracted or less focused than others.

You just have to be a little harder on yourself and try to find discipline in your life.

When you start to test in several places and do several tasks or look for different goals at the same time, it is mainly because you do not meet this important point.

Being disciplined will help you choose what you want now and what you most want in your life.

7. Find what you love and do it!

If you ask someone if he loves his job, what he studies or what he is doing in any field, you will receive more “no” than you think.

And is that not to go far, do you love what you do?

That’s the million dollar question and the one you have to ask yourself every time you do not feel comfortable with what you’re doing.

It is a fact that in your life there is something that you do not like and that you do not enjoy at all and that is one of the main reasons why you do not find the success you want so much.

Therefore, do not continue to waste your time on something that does not bring you happiness and what you do not even want to strive for since it is simply not what you want. It is important to do what you like and it also keys to success for life.

Follow your dreams and what you like so much.

Do not you have something you still love? Then do not stand idly by and pick it up. Once you find it, do not hesitate to start doing it and give your best.

8. Do not be afraid of failurekeys to success

If I were to count the number of failures I have had in my life, I would miss for a long time naming them.

Although there are many and more of what I would really like, I learned too much from them and thanks to that, I have been able to succeed in what I wanted and I am on the same path in what I am currently pursuing.

For you, it must be difficult to find the motivation to do what you want and fail in the attempt.

One, two, three or more times and continue with the same problem of not getting it.

The failure after so many times you have lived, you may see it as your enemy but at the end of the day, it is really your best ally and the perfect way to learn what you need to succeed.

So do not be afraid, in every mistake or stumble, there is a great teaching that will help you get up to continue chasing and finally, get what you want.  It is best keys to success in life.

9. Take the first step TODAYkeys to success

It is good that you have a planning of what you want to do, think about how to get it and even every step that will take you to all the sites you must reach before you succeed.

The problem is when you are someone who takes too much time in planning and thinking, and completely forgets to start acting.  It is best keys to success in life.

No, I do not mean to be an actor or an actress.

With acting, I’m talking about you starting to take action and carry out all those plans that you have in your head and even on paper after hours writing.

Things will not come by themselves and think about them will not make them appear out of anywhere as realized.

Do not waste more time and start taking action on everything you want to do. Do not sit down, do not rest every 5 minutes, get up and do not wait for things to come to you, you go for them.

10. Be brave to follow your intuitionkeys to success

We have all been in that position where we must follow orders, do things like our superiors or other people tell us and because of that, we often forget to follow our own ideas and intuition.

I know you’re one of these people and that’s why I come to tell you: wake up, now!

You are so immersed in everything they ask you to do and in their own way, that you forget too often to listen to your own inner voice and beyond your criteria, your intuition and your heart.

This causes you to constantly deviate from your main goal and begin to live that of others, as well as to help them in the process instead of looking for and working for the benefit of yours.

Your inner voice in several moments will be overshadowed by situations that go out of your hands or that represent a challenge for you (for example, having to overcome someone else’s), but time is limited and you do not have a lifetime to be doing the things in which someone else wants to do it.  It is best keys to success in life.

I do not tell you that you do not care about anything and do not think about the consequences at times, but that at least 80% or even more of the time, you are brave enough to listen and follow your intuition.

11. Believe in yourself!keys to success

All the previous steps you can carry out and get them successfully, but the big problem will be if you are not someone who believes in its entirety that you can achieve the success you are looking for.

The biggest limitation at the end of the day is yourself. Why? For the constant mentality that we all have in general that we can not succeed in what we propose.

And yes, I speak of everyone in general because at least once in our lives. We have had that feeling of not being enough to achieve something.

That is why you must believe in yourself and that you can succeed in your life and everything you set out to do.

If you dream something, it is because in some way or another it can become reality. And that idea is the one that you should always keep in mind. So that halfway and once you have advanced so much, do not back down twice as many steps as you already walked. It is best keys to success in life.

For me, what you should not do is much more important than any other advice that tells you what to do. Why? Because we are more prone to make mistakes over and over again. When we learn something, we will always try to keep it that way if we know in what way it benefits us.

When we have one of those “you should not do” ingrained, getting them out by the roots can be a headache that will need gloves and a good shovel.

But once you get to carry each key to your life and follow them in their entirety. You will see how success becomes much simpler.

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