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The tsetse fly has returned to brew in the office.

It’s 3:40 on Tuesday and you want to die. Your brain should tell the hand to move the mouse, but all your attention is firmly involved in the neck hold the head and the eyes do not lower the blinds. You may think that a coffee in a vein is the only solution to stay in the world of the living, but there are other ways to face the deadly sleep without having to end up with cardiovascular problems or a tic in the legs. The best solutions for not hitting the keyboard with the forehead are in the food, the movement and other simple gestures that we will enumerate.

1.EAT LESS, EAT BETTERsleep at work

The first thing to keep in mind is that the body will perform less once the mealtime has passed. The body has to agree to work on digestion and concentrates all its worth in successfully achieving this task, so other activities such as staying awake are relegated to the background. No, our body cannot do two things at the same time. So the Decalogue starts well: eat less, eat better. It will help you overcome sleep at work. Keep reading http://thefirewheel.com/business-ideas/what-makes-the-community-manager-sleep/

2.THE GHOST CALLsleep at work

Going out for a few seconds with the pretext of airing or making an important call is the best solution to not notice the symptoms of fatigue and routine because you reactivate the circulation of energy throughout the body. We recommend the ‘phantom call’: keep a fictitious conversation on the phone – it’s done by more people than you think – and you’ll also develop your imagination. If you get caught, say that the psychiatrist recommended it.


Another good option is to have conversations with other colleagues, even if it is about inconsequential matters and, above all, that they do not have to do with the work environment. The brain disconnects from the activity that had been done so far and has to reactivate again to pay attention to something else. Obviously, exclude lead partners if you do not want to have a rebound effect. It will help you overcome sleep at work.

4.MINI NAPsleep at work

If there is the possibility of going home to eat, you must do everything possible to scratch ten minutes of nap. Enough time to relax the body and return to the load. The ten-minute thing is serious: if you pass that barrier, you will fall into the typical black space-time hole and when you open the eye it will be the night. Continue Reading-  The 10 best jobs from home

5.GIVE COCOAsleep at work

We go with the alternatives to coffee: cocoa is an exciting and contains theobromine and caffeine, so it acts as a stimulant and, therefore, as a remedy to sleep. Smart or thin, you can not have everything.


Taking a vitamin complex is always useful to reinforce the energy in the case of going through some physical or mental downturn. Or if you prefer the euphemism, for “deficiency states”.

7.BEWARE OF VEIN SUGARsleep at work

We feel we must be the ones to tell you, but the donut is not man’s best friend, especially if he wants to perform at work. Avoid eating too many sweets because they are treacherous: their high sugar content provides energy at first, but then translates into the opposite effect.


Mom’s remedy moment: apply an ointment of honey and pepper on the eyes, massage gently, then close for a couple of minutes and ends with a long yawn. Exercise works because it reactivates cerebral oxygenation. The ointment is a joke, do not believe everything you read.

9.THE STRENGTH OF TEAsleep at work

If all this seems very nice but you want your shot of caffeine, you can try tea: the theine is the same molecule as caffeine, so it cleverly identifies, and already eliminates excess body and you keep the body purified. And there are people who say it’s good. And you can read Paulo Coelho while you drink it. It will help you overcome sleep at work.


Although surrendering is never the best option, a timely withdrawal can save many battles. If you are really going to collapse, think about the option to ask for a free afternoon. Care to improvise lies or excuses to flee: even if you do not believe it, your boss is also a human being and he will have shuffled them on other occasions just like you. It will help you overcome sleep at work.

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