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Usually one since childhood are telling or listening as a friend or relative got a job in a company. It’s at school and always wondered how your dad works. Usually you look more respect to him who works for the largest or is a multinational company.

Well, have you ever considered that maybe working for someone else can be the worst mistake you can make in your life?

Steve Pavlina who is a renowned blogger living in their own businesses and have your blog obviously gives us 10 reasons why you should never work for someone or have a job in the traditional sense.

BusinessSteve and his partner Erin from the 90 who have no formal job and live as well and consider it a mistake to think that one should get work.

Here are the 10 reasons:

1. The revenues gained by working for someone is for fools

Steve tells us that if it gives some comfort to work for someone that is the most stupid way to generate income. When you go to a company you note that everyone is dumb or with their heads stuck in their cubicles as well since Steve says one only gets paid if you are working.

But have you considered that you can also make money while not working? This is what is known as passive income…

Why it is that you get paid just for his 8-hour work day when they could pay for 24 hours a day? Why smart people do not work for others but looking for ways to generate revenue which will pay 24 hours a day, 7 days a week building passive income systems.

But what are these systems?

Within these systems is the investor who buys shares, the creation of a business, creating a website or blog or generating royalties for creative work that was carried out among many others.

A clear example of this is this blog for example. To me writing this article I can generate an hour’s work but if I get to create value and people are interested in it, I will pay money not only when work demanded me to write this article but forever while I have my blog and continue to generate revenue through it.

For Steve e.g. his blog has generated income up her $ 40,000 monthly from October 2006 and as Steve tells us is not their only source of income. He writes an article once but still receive money for these items 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Doing it only cost you register your domain US $ 9.

As Steve adds to generate passive income no necessitate to reinvent the wheel but to follow other examples that are currently doing the program as affiliations among others for which simply must go to the specializes bookstores and buy the right books.

2. Work to another gives you limited experience

Sometimes it gets as an excuse to work for another will give us the necessary expertise we require which according to our friend Steve is not only false but that the effect of work to another is totally contrary because we restricted the experiences we can have. Working for someone you only get experience in that job but nothing more. The work is generally repetitive, you learn a lot at the beginning but then you stagnate. In doing so learned skills quickly become obsolete. Steve asks us why you think you experience more valuable, that which is obtained from a job for which I am paid only while working there or the experience you can get to generate income for all my life.

3. To get one a job, your employer is tame

Steve is ruthless and tells us that the best worker is the one who is best pet for your employer. It rewards those who best reflects the work process and is who is best follow orders and adapts to the work environment that is nothing but the pet cage that is actually working. The truth is that human nature does not serve to be locked. Are you a pet?

4. When you have a job much less to feed yourself or your family

When you have a corporate job, much of the money you generate for the company used to pay taxes, pay to shareholders of the company profits, pay costs of the company that you do not enjoy. You unwittingly working for other feeds a lot of mouths that are not yours or that of your family. You are simply wasting money, you would pay only a fraction of what actually generates that many are taking a slice of what it produces.

5. Having a job is too risky

Steve called idiots who believe that working for someone, however great the company is safest there. This is one of the great deceptions that have gotten us into the head. It’s actually the opposite and is the riskiest thing you can do in your life. One to work for another is put in a position in which only two words are enough for everything to finish: You’re fired. Most likely not have a single source of income such as a job but have 10 or more sources of income simultaneously.

6. Having a job you have to risk a jerk boss run.

If you are engaged in business and meets an idiot or just slob it will turn around and seek to do business elsewhere. If you have a job and your boss is a jerk the only thing left to do is say: Yes boss, whatever you say. As he likes to live in you.

7. If you have a job and want more money for their work has to beg. You become a beggar.

Having a job to another you have to beg his employer for salary increases, you become a beggar if you want to earn more money. When you are engaged in their own businesses you do not have to beg for anything but strive to give value to their customers. You will be free and if you can not convince a customer will just have to look at the libertan next customer and should not be begging anyone or begging. You will be free and not a corporate slave.

8. Working for someone gives one a limited social life.

One lives socially at work and lose your social life. Simply one begins to interact with colleagues or rather co – slaves and stop corporate stunned if they have to go with strangers. The social world of slave labor, mascot, is limited exclusively to the corporate cage where he has been confined. They are generated according to the rank within the company where the secretary certain behaviors can maybe just speak freely to another secretary but managers say they should be gentlemen. In the real world when you are your own boss you can look at all alike and social relationships is the real world and not the cage of a company.

9. Freedom is lost.

Working for someone’s head fills the worker regulations, written and unwritten policies with the aim to tame. The employee becomes fearful and obedient to the rules. One becomes a slave.

10. One becomes a coward.

At a lose freedom it becomes a coward afraid of the rules and is surrounded by other cowards.They may think their boss is an idiot but nobody dares to say it is. You lose integrity and value. Nobody dares to say openly that things are bad, they say in a low voice, afraid. The good news is that no matter how low their self-esteem find you can always retrieve its value and released.


Hi, I am Russell Chowdhury; I am an entrepreneur, father, mentor and adventurer passionate about life. At this moment, I am working with depression and anxiety; here is my blogs how to recover from anxiety and how to fight with anxiety. I hope everyone will like my blogs.