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The Internet opened the doors to digital business ideas, some of which became economic emporiums and undoubtedly transformed our lives, examples of this is Facebook and other social networks, as well as Google and dozens of projects in the network.

10 profitable digital business ideas with low or normal investment

With effort, tenacity, courage, determination, faith, and desire to succeed you can set up a good digital business to position yourself in the great world network.

1.Plugins or pluginsdigital business ideas

Plugins or add-ons are used to add extra functionality to an application. For example, in Chrome or Firefox, there are multiple add-ons for users in reference to different needs that are presented in their actions.

Content managers such as WordPress use a series of add-ons that give web pages versatility.

This could be the opportunity to create plugins that respond to the specific needs of Internet users. Continue reading business ideas for teens.

2. Software or learning applicationdigital business ideas

Ingest software that is both entertaining, educational and viral, it would be an excellent business idea because you will experience millions of downloads if you manage to develop it successfully.

Then he plans to design an App that managed to gather the following characteristics:

A value of learning or another type of value to the client that is noticed. Because aiming only at entertainment is not always good, the moment they get bored of using it, they leave it and that’s it. On the other hand, a real need if it will keep you in force.

3. Digital advertisingdigital business ideas

The advertising budgets of companies have migrated to the digital world. Due to its complexity and intensive knowledge requirement, this is a sector that is increasingly in demand.

Fall in love, attract, convince, inform everything is worth when looking to position yourself on the web and earn leads. SEO, digital marketing, management of social networks are just some of the tools used in this area.

4. E-learningdigital business ideas

This is one of the digital business ideas that is becoming stronger. You can design a platform or commission a developer to use it to offer virtual courses.

They are training programs in the most diverse areas. They include from the simplest structured modalities through deliveries of manuals and virtual classes to the most complex ones with ebooks, tutorials in videos, teachers dedicated to students.

5. Delivery Digitaldigital business ideas

This business idea has grown exponentially in many countries. More and more people prefer to shop on the Internet and wait for them to take them home. In the food segment, for example, there are some examples of local or multinational companies that have opted for this service and have achieved a great response from users.

There are also companies that offer the purchase of vegetables, fruits, and other supermarket products online.

6. Analyticsdigital business ideas

The massive amount of information that is collected day by day becomes very important data that needs to be analyzed. Applying analytics to any size of the company is a business opportunity that generates great profitability.

And today, organizations need to make better tactical, strategic and operational decisions to meet their goals. Business Intelligence or Analytics is a tool that allows obtaining higher sales volumes and profits.

7. Email marketing platform

The digital world is an extremely large space, which is why the use of email marketing as a marketing tool is fundamental. So, developing and marketing a mass messaging platform is an excellent opportunity to start a profitable business and meet a demand that is booming. It is one of the best profitable digital business ideas.

While it is true that there are several companies that provide this service today, it is also true that there are millions of users who do not exactly have the same interests, so you can find a market segment different from the traditional ones and apply this service.

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8. Digital strategy and administration of social networksdigital business ideas

If you are passionate about digital strategy and have acquired knowledge and experience about different platforms and tools to do online marketing, you can offer the service of social networks and digital channels management of companies and independent professionals.

The idea is to manage content, manage advertising campaigns, interact with customers and generate the corresponding performance reports.

If you choose to undertake in this industry, you have at your disposal some tools that will be useful to you: Hootsuite, to manage social networks; Canva, to generate graphics content; Feedly, to manage your information sources and Analytics, to track and generate reports.

9. Mobile applications for small businessesdigital business ideas

More and more companies want to have their own mobile application. Large companies usually hire companies specializing in the development of mobile applications, but there are also SMEs seeking economic solutions that allow them to reach the mobile device of their customers without complicating their lives.

This idea consists in using tools of the creation of apps, for example, Tu-App.net, which allow you to build simple applications and in a very short time so that these small companies can offer them to their clients.

10. WordPress supportdigital business ideas

Personal businesses look for easy-to-use and economical online tools. One of these tools is WordPress, a content manager with which you can create a website with very little investment.

This has made it very popular, with a very profitable business. If you have advanced knowledge of this content manager you can provide technical assistance because despite being easy to use, not everyone knows it thoroughly or simply does not have time.

In this way, we have reviewed these 10 profitable digital business ideas with low or normal investment. A digital business represents the same or greater challenges and difficulties that a conventional company supposes. Therefore, when developing your business idea, you should study the market very well, but also prepare yourself to assume the risks involved in investing in any of these or other initiatives.