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Some great tips for business travelers. The business traveler is a traveler like any other, or at least what emancipated women want to believe. However, the safety instructions are reinforced for the ladies. As much for their supposed fragility as for the fact that not all cultures are as tolerant as Western Europe. Being a target not the goal of business travel, small memo to keep in mind to travel safely.Common sense is the basic rule. And it’s important to keep it in mind in all circumstances. Just as a woman will not go walking in France in the evening in some difficult neighborhoods. Why would you go in an environment you do not know the codes?Mom’s advice remains de rigueur: do not hang out alone after dark. lock the doors (bedroom, car, …). do not keep visible his valuables, do not attract too much attention.Younger children may be worried about “. Having to give up their identity” As 24-year-old Alice and feminist demands to spare,” says Alice, “but without falling into paranoia. Knowing how to take a step aside to ensure your safety also means making a successful career move.These are great tips for business travelers.

Become aware of your environmenttips for business

It is a basic element of business travel, paying attention and adapting to the cultural environment in which you travel. This consists of learning about the habits and customs of women in the country where you move. It is not necessarily useful to put a scarf in Doha or Dubai. Locals do not care, you are not a priori Muslim. Accepting the burqa to visit Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Mosque. On the other hand, is an indispensable part of the bleeding moment of the trip. Whatever you think about it. The easiest? Ask your interlocutors on the spot about the rules and traditions of the country.It is a great tips for business travelers.

Knowing how to keep

An outfit is in every sense of the term a feminine obligation (and for that matter, masculine!) For business trips. We avoid too short skirts and plunging cleavage, these are not the codes of the businesswoman, in any country. Loose and long clothes, a bit chic, that’s what is needed unless you have to put a hard hat for maintenance.It is also not necessary to wear bling-bling jewelry unless you work in this area and still, but you know it better than us. No question of laughing out loud and showing a lot of money in public places, vulgarity is not appropriate when representing his company abroad. Yes, we are very old school, at DeplacementsPros!Many solo business travelers wear a wedding ring, true or false, during their business trips. It is an international way to display “not available” whereas, in some countries, the fact that you are traveling alone is a reverse signal. For the same reasons, outside of professional discussions, it is advisable in most countries to avoid direct eye contact with unknown men, as this can be interpreted as an invitation.It is a great tips for business travelers.Continue Reading-8 Tips For Start A Business Without Spending Too Much

Choose your accommodation

tips for business
Indoor business conference for managers.

If you stay a few days at your destination, you may be tempted to choose an alternative accommodation at the hotel, such as apart’hotel, Airbnb or other to be able to cook – or not! – especially and feel at home. It’s an option, but probably not the first time you discover the destination. Do you know enough places to choose the neighborhood, traders and you feel confident? So there, why not. Otherwise, the hotels allow the first approach.It is a great tips for business travelers.

The most reassuring hotel

Nothing is more unpleasant than not feeling safe at night at the hotel. The colleagues are a track before making a choice. As much to avoid dropping the bill of costs in taxis for the comfort of the stay. Check implantation, this is the rule # 1 to feel good and find the place where to dine. Most experienced women prefer small units to the endless corridors of international hotels. Some hotels reserve floors for ladies and reserve access by special cards, it’s a very personal choice.It is a great tips for business travelers.

Choose your roomtips for business

Experienced travelers know that the devil is in the details. The most worried avoid the 1st floor, more accessible than the upper floors. But also the last, to avoid the cul-de-sac. If the receptionist has claimed your room number instead of slipping the key pocket in silence (malpractice) change rooms. And ask for one located near the elevator. To avoid the corridors.In the elevator itself, look for the side of the control buttons. To be able to operate the emergency bell if necessary.It is a great tips for business travelers.It is a great tips for business travelers.

In the bedroom

Check the closing of the door but also that of the balcony, frequent in the big hotels. The sliding patio door can provide access from the side balcony.If you have to open the door, make sure at least that room service looks like what it claims to be, and do not open it right after you enter. It may be a spotter or someone who has followed you.

To go to your destination

It is most often by a taxi that you circulate during your business trip. If you come back late at night, add a small tip and ask the driver to wait for the time you enter the establishment. His watchful eyes are a protection.If you are driving in a rental car and you are looking for parking at the hotel, you can park for a moment in front of the reception and ask to be accompanied for this operation and escort you to the reception.If you drive and whatever the time, lock your doors to go around, in town or in the country. Your purse should be placed on the floor, preferably invisible to prevent “door theft”. Your suitcase is invisible too, for example in the trunk. Do not leave anything visible in the car park.In case of an incident, do not get out of the vehicle, call the police and stay in the closed window car.

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