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The tools of Google that you will see below will not only boost your business but will help you develop your personal projects.

This is because we all need Google or Google tools, either to learn and discover profitable businesses, even to request a medical appointment, get somewhere, find a point of sale, schedule an appointment, among other activities.

You could say that this search engine is a kind of assistant. Each of the tools of Google drives in an integral way the productivity of the business since it allows us to focus on what is important and increases our efficiency.

Google tools you need for your business:

Learning How to Start a Business is one of the biggest challenges people face.

You must be constantly making decisions, taking risks, making mistakes, learning, growing and promoting your business idea.

As you can imagine, entrepreneurship is a great experience that requires your best effort, so finding these Google tools that support you in the realization of your dream, will allow you to increase your chances of success.

One of the main factors that determine the success of your business is efficiency, and this is where Google’s tools play a fundamental role.

Thanks to the infrastructure, knowledge, and capabilities of Google, this company has been developing applications and tools (some free) that help you to manage any business, regardless of whether you have a home-based business or run a large company.

These Google tools will not only help you optimize your time but will allow you to focus on the activities that add more value to your business, something that will facilitate the achievement of your goals.

1. Google My BusinessGoogle tools

The main objective of this Google tool is to allow your customers to access your business in a fast, safe and reliable way.

Through different Google applications, such as Google +, Google Maps and your search engine, your customers can find you regardless of the device they use.

The biggest benefit is being able to offer reliable information to your clients such as location, hours of service, telephone numbers, discounts, among others.

Through this application, you can start a conversation with your client, which will lead to generating long-term relationships with him.

2. Google AdwordsGoogle tools

The function of this application is to give visibility to your business. This is one of the most powerful Google tools, since most of the time we spend on the internet and generally, our navigation starts at Google.

With Google Adwords, you can reach a greater number of people, get new customers and above all direct your communication to the people that really interest you, with the segmentation of the search engine.

A positive aspect of this tool is that you can measure the impact on your business and it is flexible when it comes to making your campaigns.

3. Google AnalyticsGoogle tools

This tool from Google complies with the function of web analytics, which allows you to know the characteristics of those people who visit your web page.

One of the key aspects to grow your business is to know your customers, because although these have certain similar characteristics, nobody is equal to another, and everyone has their preferences.

For this that Google Analytics serves, to know and identify common and differential aspects of your visitors.

This powerful Google tool, besides being free, lets you know how much time your clients spend on the page, what they like, what they buy, the bounce rate, sessions, unique users, among other important things.

Regardless of whether you earn money online with your business or not, this type of Google tools is essential to grow and differentiate from your competition.

4. Google DriveGoogle tools

The best description for this Google tool is all your files ready, wherever you are.

The function of Drive is to store all your files, from images, documents, music to videos in the cloud, offering you free of charge 15GB of space.

The fact of being in the cloud allows you to access your files regardless of where you are, with the benefit of being able to share them with your friends, partners or colleagues.

There is a paid version for your business, where for a few dollars per month you have unlimited space in the cloud.

5. Google TrendsGoogle tools

With this tool, you can discover what are the trends in user searches in real time.

Additionally, you can search by topic and see how your searches have evolved over time, as well as analyze which are the most searched topics for a specific period of time.

6. Google documentsGoogle tools

This tool allows you to create documents, spreadsheets and online presentations from scratch.

The best of these online Google tools is that you can do everything in a shared way, that is, you can invite and give access to other people so they can see the same file and edit it at the same time.

Through Drive, you can save your documents online and access them when you need them.

It is a real advantage to have all the documents of your business in the cloud, in addition to being able to modify it from your cell phone, and your colleagues can see the changes immediately.

7. GmailGoogle tools

Google email offers you 15GB, this allows you to synchronize your account with Drive, Docs and Google+ in order to have all your business information in one place.

This email is characterized by its simplicity, it allows you to organize and classify emails according to their type and even chat with your friends without leaving the platform.

To be able to access the other Google tools you must have an account in Gmail. So it is necessary that you have it first.

8. Google CalendarGoogle tools

In a freeway, you can stay up to date on all your events and meetings with Google Calendar. The biggest benefits or features of this application is that you can share your events with friends, colleagues or partners.

Thanks to Google Calendar you have access to your meeting information from any electronic device, so you will never forget an event thanks to your constant reminders.

In the same way, you can invite other people to the same event through the mail or the same application, in addition to synchronizing with all the other Google applications and can be used even when there is no internet connection.

9. Google AlertsGoogle tools

This Google tool allows you to receive emails when an event happens, is being talked about, or there is something new to know about a topic that interests you.

With Google alerts you must specify the subject to the tool and the frequency with which you want to receive notifications with news, events, and content around the topic of your interest.

For example, if your business is in the food industry, it would be good to know what new regulations are coming out, variations in prices and the behavior of your consumer.

With these Google tools, you can access this information without having to be surfing the Internet, as all the related contents will be sent to you by email.

10. G SuiteGoogle tools

One of the most important and complete tools of all is G Suite, previously called Apps for Work.

G Suite consists of a customized design of all the Google tools for your business. This includes benefits such as:

A personalized email with your domain for your business

Unlimited access to the store in the cloud

Hangouts with your classmates

Google Docs, and many others.

This last tool has an annual cost, which ranges from five dollars and allows you to give a much more professional profile to your business.

In conclusion, these Google tools will not only boost your business but will increase your productivity, allow you to better manage your time and finally get closer to your goals.