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The best business ideas are often the simplest

Your business ideas and ambition will take you far in business, but when you have little or no capital, it can be more difficult.  Seattle greekAmericann users did not wait to have millions of euros in their bank account to get started. Even if you only have $ 100, you can start a small home-based business that you will grow over time. Here are 10 business ideas that you can start with under $ 100.

10 business ideas to start with less than 100 $

1- Resellerbusiness ideas

A dealer buys old used items and sells them online for profit. If you like to hang out in flea markets, do not mind doing a little cleaning and taking pictures, you could set up a business in one afternoon. Your first purchase would cost you well under $ 100, and you could double your resale money. Creating a sales page for your products with Payfacile is as simple as hello, you just need to share the link of this page by e-mail with your client, on social networks or on your website.

More and more entrepreneurs are putting together a business model based on subscription sales. Here is a guide to set up an e-commerce box (monthly box) in less than 24 hours. We have also listed some fifty ideas for this type of business.

2- Private cookbusiness ideas

Do you have a gift for cooking? Thousands of people around you would pay generously for you to come home to cook exceptionally or regularly. Just create a website and showcase your experiences and the services you offer. Most of the time, your only purchases will be an apron and a good set of knives!

3- Couture

You know how to sew? Whether for creations or retouching, sewing is one of the most lucrative business ideas. Create your website, add some pictures of your previous work and set your rates for the most common requests in terms of sewing. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need advice.

4- Online trainingbusiness ideas

Do you have special knowledge on a specific topic? Or can just be a passion? The Web is full of videos and tutorials of all kinds but finding quality content is not easy. That’s why more and more people are ready to buy digital files like e-books or training videos on the Internet. Numerous Digital Marketing experts and sports coaches use Payfacile to sell their training on the Internet. They add their contents to Payfacile’s secure servers, which send a download link to their customers once the payment has been validated. It’s simple and it works!  Continue reading- 8 Tips For Start A Business Without Spending Too Much

5- Tutor/coach at home or online

More personal than online courses, you could give courses to exam revisions students, music lovers learning an instrument, or managers wanting to improve their skills. Your only investment is your knowledge! With Skype or Google Hangout you can even do it from your couch, distance learning is an increasingly common practice.

6- Writingbusiness ideas

The nerve of war for web companies in the production of quality content. An easy business idea is to put your knowledge at the service of companies needing to produce blog articles, interviews, comments, on a topic you know well. You can work remotely and to collect payments from all over the world, we are here to help you.

7- Website Designerbusiness ideas

Among our business ideas, this one is not given in all the mode but if the design and the programming are your things, you could easily launch freelance as a web designer for less than 100 $. Put online a website presenting your skills, some examples, your prices; all well licked and beautifully presented, a contact form and voila!

8- Community Managerbusiness ideas

Many companies are willing to pay to avoid spending too much time maintaining their community on social networks. Submit your services on a website, see our article on how to create a website easily. You to set up automatic debits with your customers every week, every month or at the frequency that you have negotiated with your customer.

9- Craftsbusiness ideas

What do you know about your ten fingers? If you have cute things created with your own hands, why not make a small business? You would need a good camera to get pretty shots, then you just have to publish them on your website with a Payfacile purchase button. Watch our tutorial on how to add a buy button to a website.

10- Bloggerbusiness ideas

Do you feel that you have something important to share with the rest of the world? With an online blog, you can write all this and publish it instantly. Some bloggers have done their work full time, but you can start slowly until you are ready to leave your job.

Do not let money stop your dreams of starting your own online business. Any of these ideas will get you started with an investment of less than $ 100. Do not hesitate, start!

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